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Links to resources and information for families on a variety of topics.

Check back for periodic additions to this page.

Whether you're preparing for this coming Fall, or finishing out this school year in-person, 

here are some tips on how to help kids handle their fears, and the transition away from home.

Discover Magnolia Chamber Chat 

In December I spoke with Jason Thibeaux of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce about my business, and Play Therapy in general. Lots of info in this 10 minute video.

Helpful information to consider when deciding

 whether or not send your child back to school, from CHEO

Talking To Kids About COVID19

Useful information about talking to kids about Coronavirus. Be open but developmentally appropriate to avoid unnecessary anxiety and to keep kids safe.

Holidays When Parents Live Apart

by Joely Johnson

When parents live apart: How to make the holidays happy for all.

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