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About Eileen

Eileen Underhill, MSc, LMHCA, CCLS

Parenting can be challenging, and it's not always intuitive to know what to do to help your child when they are struggling. I specialize in play therapy, a developmentally appropriate method of providing mental health support to children. I also support kids and parents based on my knowledge of how supportive relationships are created in parent/child relationships, providing information on ways parents can support their kids during challenging times. I am trained to provide supervised Theraplay interventions as well as conduct MIM Assessments for additional parent/child relationship insights. 

I am trained as a Play Therapist and my approach integrates non-directive and directive methods depending on the unique needs of each child and family. For example, interventions may include child led play therapy, cognitive behavioral strategies, sand tray therapy, mindfulness, or other supportive models of intervention. I am a firm believer in the power of play as a bottom up, experiential way of integrating learning, of processing life events without the need for complex language, and to build resiliency skills which develop into healthy habits over time. Skills based work may be taught through a combination of playful skill practice, and teaching of supportive concepts. Each individual and family is unique, and I strive to tailor therapeutic activities to each family’s unique needs. More information about play therapy can be found at

I hold a Master of Science degree in Play Therapy from the University of South Wales, UK and have also completed mental health counseling coursework from Cleveland State University and Seattle University. I am certified as a Child Life Specialist which means I have a background to support the mental health of children who have undergone hospital related trauma, chronic illness, or have a need for support for future hospital and illness related events. To find out more about what a Child Life Specialist does, visit


My hope is that through my work with your child and family, I can provide skills and insights that will support you during your current circumstances, and that lay the ground work for your child's future success and well being.

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